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with cancer

This charity has been founded by Andy and Lucy Liebow, parents of the brave and brilliant Dexter. Our aim is simply to help families spend more time together and relieve parents of the additional as well as unexpected financial challenge of their child going through treatment.

Partnering with the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children to start with, we want to help as many people as we can by providing offerings that will allow families to do more together, at times when it matters most.

Dexter Liebow

Dexter’s Odyssey has been set up in memory of Dexter Liebow who sadly lost his battle with cancer aged 8 in February 2018.

Dexter’s Story

How we help

We currently have four ways of helping families do more together. By donating to this charity, you will help us provide these offerings for as many parents as possible whilst their child receives treatment.

Coffee Break and Cake

Dexter had a lot of surgical procedures, which is a very anxious time for everyone. Initially we would wait in Dexter’s room for his return which eventually got us to the point where we felt comfortable popping out for a quick coffee and cake refuel. That’s why, as a charity, we feel vouchers* to help make these breaks possible have incredible value to a family’s mental health by being able to offer them a break from the hospital grounds for a short period.

*Families will be offered these vouchers when their child is having surgery

Dexter’s Hamper

On the consultant’s morning rounds, we would get permission to leave the hospital for the day on ‘’Day release’’ with the promise to come back to the hospital that evening. This can put loads of pressure on the family to develop spontaneous plans for the day which can also stretch a family’s budget. Dexter’s Odyssey will supply the family with a picnic hamper* to take away the need to plan for a meal, so more time can go into planning the day out.

*This is offered to the families by the staff nurses when offered ‘’Day release’’

Odyssey Entertainment Package

Children with cancer spend many days, weeks or months in hospital. Dexter’s Odyssey will have an entertainment pack* available to the families with a film-watching device and other goodies to give the family an enjoyable evening together.

*This is offered to the families by the staff nurses on the Starlight ward.

Help out Vouchers

The initial diagnosis can be a surreal moment for the family and most definitely life changing. This part of the charity has a very practical impact. As we learned with Dexter, you never know where the next hospital admission is and financially this could be at any point which makes it hard to budget. The vouchers’ aims are to be there when you need them, for local amenities in close proximity to the hospital, so you never have to venture far.

*This is offered to the family through the CLIC social worker on behalf of the charity on diagnosis

We want to provide these offerings to as many families as we can and your money can make all the difference.



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