My daughter Sky has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and has just finished her 3rd bout of Chemo here in Bristol When the nurse brought in the bag from yourselves her eyes lit up. When she seen one of the dvds her eyes lit up even more. Thank you very much from Sky and myself (Sky’s Dad) It’s gifts like this that actually brighten their days up Once again thank you very much it is very much appreciated.
Sky's Dad

Just want to say a huge thank you, Zack received a gift bag Friday afternoon and hasn't put the simon says toy down yet! 😊
Zack's Mum

Thank you Dexters odyssey for the voucher. What a great idea!

(Coffee Cake and Break voucher being used by a family)

Childs Parent on Starlight Ward

MASSIVE Thanks !!! Amazing delivery today. You know precisely what’s needed.

(Receiving supplies for Odyssey Entertainment packs)

Oncology Play Specialist